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Aprendizaje natural de lenguas. En el cole, en casa…everywhere!

Childhood is a period of intense cognitive development and rapid learning during which children acquire their knowledge of the world  by approaching a wide range of domains.

The first of such domains is language, the learning of which takes place within the social context closest to the children: Their own family. Language is an essential tool that enables us to communicate with others and to participate actively within a common cultural environment; for this reason adult family members support thoughts and actions through language, converting the experiences children live through at home into crucial settings for early language learning.

Schools and teachers

¡Mejor con música! La música para la enseñanza de una segunda lengua

Music is universally accepted as being one of the most complete and far-reaching methodological resources presently available. This achievement is not accidental since, undoubtedly, any intentional contact with music usually results in an assortment of pleasant sensations and enjoyable experiences regardless of the objective pursued with its use. This is the reason why music is generally associated with a sense of delight and gratification.

Schools and teachers

La motivación en el aprendizaje de una segunda lengua dentro del aula

Motivation is a difficult concept to define, partly because of the wide variety of meanings attached to it. Dörnyei and Ushioda (2013) state that it is impossible to draw a picture that encompasses the concept of motivation as a whole since this does not fit into a single image. However, there is a rather generalised consensus regarding the definition of motivation understood here as human behaviour.

BRAVO es una metodología innovadora de aprendizaje del español a través de la música, que ofrece recursos y escenarios especializados, tanto para la enseñanza del profesorado en el aula como para el homeschooling de las familias, a través de canciones, vídeos, actividades y recursos didácticos para que los niños aprendan español a su ritmo y de una forma diferentes y divertida.