Free Pack: Animals


A unit created to learn the names of the main animals featured in the corresponding musical theme, while reinforcing the number system from 1 to 10. With this unit, children will approach the mechanism of nouns’ plural formation and will learn how to use the verb “there is” (hay), forming with it basic sentences. As an added bonus, with this unit children will learn how to change the meaning of a sentence by substituting one or more of its elements.


  • Video. Our animated videos represent the channelling axis of ELE activities. Through this medium, the student will approach the contents in a musical, participatory, and active manner.
  • Worksheets. Our activity cards comprise a wide range of activities divided into three main groups: specific, general and portfolio. Additionally, each of the proposed activities has two or more icons representing the four basic skills of language learning: listening and reading comprehension, oral and written expression.
  • Resources. Additional resources that have been created as complements to the worksheets with the purpose of imparting knowledge and competence using attractive and entertaining media. Our students’ resources are ideal to expand or reinforce the contents proposed in the main topics.
  • Didactic Recommendations. Our Teacher’s Guide recommends activities and conveys advise relating to methodological aspects from a communicative and competence-related approach. Our Didactic Recommendations also include online games and interactive resources featuring entertaining activities that will allow children to learn effortlessly and to increase levels of difficulty within the topic selected.

In addition to these resources, in the complete pack Animals topic you will find,…

  • Subtitled Vídeo “En mi jardín”
  • Audio “En mi jardín”
  • 12 Worksheets ELE & 25 Worksheets HERENCIA and Portfolios HERENCIA
  • 6 Worksheets: Bingo, Crucigrama, Diccionario de imágenes, La torre, Pictionary and Sudoku
  • Resources for teachers: flashcards
  • Comic:
    • Colour comic with bubbles and text
    • Colour comic with bubbles and without text
    • Colour comic without bubbles and text
    • B/W comic with bubbles and text
    • B/W comic with bubbles and without text
    • B/W a colour without bubbles and text
  • Online resources ELE & HERENCIA:
    • 1 online game based on the comic worksheet ELE & Herencia
    • 4 online games x2: Arrastra la palabra, Une con flechas, Tres en raya and Quiz

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